Refine The Skills Your Child Needs For School

With A Weekly-Themed Custom Curriculum That Teaches The Basics For Kindergarten Readiness

Bloom Academy Preschool & Childcare Center 3-4 Years Serving Nashville, TN

Refine The Skills Your Child Needs For School

With A Weekly-Themed Custom Curriculum That Teaches The Basics For Kindergarten Readiness

Preschool | 3-4 Years | Serving Nashville, TN

Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten & Beyond

Your child receives a custom curriculum based on weekly themes, teaching them the basics of numbers, letters, reading, and writing. With a strong emphasis on math, science, language, and practical life skills, your child is ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Strict Safety Measures Keep Your Child Safe

Your child’s learning environment has a double entryway door system accessible only by fob with security cameras inside and out. The property is also fully fenced, and all employees have extensive background checks to ensure your child’s safety.

Never Miss Out With A Convenient Parent App

The Kangarootime© app puts your mind at ease as you receive daily updates via pictures, videos, and reports of your child’s activities. Progress and behavior reports sent right to your phone mean you’re always just a click away! 

Those Who Miss The September 30th Birthday Cutoff To Enter Kindergarten Take Part In A Special Kindergarten Readiness Program!

Parent Support & Neighborhood Engagement Builds Community

Be a voice in the parent group, help plan events, make decisions about your child’s care, and come together with neighborhood partners during family engagement events to help teach your child the importance of community. 

Your Child’s Best Start Begins With Highly-Qualified Teachers

Your child’s well-being and early years education are in the hands of dedicated, caring teachers. All educators must have a Child Development Associate® certificate, an Early Childhood Education degree, or qualifying preschool education experience.

Delicious, Nutritious Meals & Snacks Included With Tuition

Meals and snacks freshly prepared in the onsite kitchen introduce your child to a whole new world of healthy and delicious flavours. Some of these yummy-in-the-tummy meals include chicken quesadillas, stir-fries, black beans, and hummus and carrots.

An Expansive Playground Inspires Creativity & Fun

With almost half an acre of playground, your child can run and play or relax and unwind in the shade of canopied trees. When they’re feeling creative, they can spark their imagination at the sand and water tables or mud kitchen.

Free Enrichments Nurture A Lifelong Love Of Learning

Your child’s mind absorbs and learns new talents, life skills, and even a second language by participating in daily enrichments that boost their self-esteem and confidence and inspire a lifelong love of learning. These free enrichments include:

Cleaning Protocols That Keep Your Child Healthy

Frequent hand washing and having staff wipe down and sanitize high-use areas maintain a germ-free environment while a professional cleaning crew deep cleans once a week for added protection on keeping your child healthy, safe, & continuously learning. 


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