A Safe Haven For Lots Of Smiles & Cuddles

Nurturing Teachers Help Your Baby Learn & Explore Through Love & Attention

A Safe Haven For Lots Of Smiles & Cuddles

Nurturing Teachers Help Your Baby Learn & Explore Through Love & Attention

Infant Daycare | 3 - 15 months | Serving Nashville, TN

Engaging Your Baby’s Senses Prepares Them For Learning

Sensory play is an early but essential step in your baby’s development. Loving teachers gently encourage your little one to use their senses to play, investigate, and explore, while music, singing, and storytime boost language growth and spark joy.

A Safe Place With Teachers You Trust

A double-door entryway accessible only by fob, cameras inside and out, full perimeter fences, and background checks on everyone who works with your child gives you peace of mind and your baby a fun, safe place to grow.

Receive Pictures, Videos, & Reports With Kangarootime©

Kangarootime© is a communication app that makes staying in touch easy. Receive pictures, videos, and reports about your baby’s day, keep up with their progress, and get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see them happy at their home-away-from-home. 

Partnering With Parents For Ultimate Success

Your opinion is always welcome as it weaves a network of support and helps make important decisions. This partnership helps teachers cater to your baby’s unique needs and schedule to ensure they grow to their full potential. 

Your Baby Thrives With Loving, Qualified Teachers

Your little bundle of joy spends their days surrounded by loving teachers who pride themselves on providing only the best experience possible. All teachers have a degree in Early Childhood Education, a Child Development Associate® certificate, or several years of experience.

Healthy Food Options At No Extra Charge

Store your formula or breastmilk onsite, and when your baby is ready to transition to solids, an onsite chef prepares delicious and nutritious meals and snacks in the commercial kitchen to diversify your child’s palate and keep them fueled.

Being Outdoors Stimulates Your Little One’s Senses

Your baby regularly spends time rocking and rolling outdoors to stimulate their senses through nature. Daily outdoor exposure leads to improved sleep, better physical and mental health, and higher cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Valuable Enrichments Included In Your Tuition

It’s never too early to expose your baby to enrichment activities that foster a positive attitude toward learning. Your little one participates in age-appropriate experiences, from baby signing, language, arts and crafts, and music. 

Your Baby participates in fun & rewarding enriching experiences like:


Learning a second language at a young age boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, & listening skills.


Showcases body awareness, coordination, & relaxation time.


Helps your baby communicate their wants & needs before they speak.


Helps your child discover their unique talents & use fine motor skills.


Calms babies and teaches the international language of rhythm.

A Deep Clean Keeps
Your Child Healthy

Your baby deserves a pristine, safe, and healthy learning environment, so a professional cleaning service deeply sanitizes and disinfects hard surfaces nightly to squash cold and flu germs on contact and keep the brand new facility safe and sparkling clean. 


Watch Your Child Blossom At Bloom