Play-Based Learning Ensures Kindergarten Readiness

A Supportive Environment Where Your Child Grows & Excels By Having Fun

Play-Based Learning Ensures Kindergarten Readiness

A Supportive Environment Where Your Child Grows & Excels By Having Fun

Early Learners | 2-3 Years | Serving Nashville, TN

Preparing Your Child For Academic Success

Your child sharpens their academic skills as they string together sentences, sort and match, and problem-solve. They receive daily guidance as they investigate larger concepts and master the basics of math, science, language, practical life skills, music, art, and physical development.

Your Child’s Safety Is The Highest Priority

A double-door entryway accessible only by fob and a fully fenced perimeter ensures secure access to the building and property. Cameras inside and out watch over your child while experienced and attentive teachers always keep them safe.

Don’t Miss A Single Milestone With Kangarootime© Updates

Receive updates on your child’s day with the Kangarootime© app. Send and receive text messages, pictures, and reports on your little one’s behavior, progress, and precious moments to brighten your day and assure you they’re in good hands.

Partnering With Parents & Neighbors Build Community

Being actively involved in the community teaches your child valuable social and communication skills. Local area experts like Music U strengthen the community while providing fun enrichments for your entire family.

Experienced Teachers Provide Fun, Learning, & Quality Care

Your child is in the excellent hands of teachers who have gone through extensive background checks and have either a degree in Early Childhood Education, a Child Development Associate® credential, or qualified preschool education experience.

Your Child Enjoys Delicious Meals & Snacks At No Charge

Your child enjoys freshly made meals and snacks at no extra cost to you. Made fresh in the onsite commercial kitchen, nutritious foods like chicken quesadillas and black beans, hummus and carrots, and vegetable stir-fry fuel your child’s love of learning.

Outdoor Play Encourages A Strong Love Of Nature

Your child hops across tree stumps, balances on a log bridge, makes pies in the mud kitchen, and splashes on the water tables to develop and enhance their fine and gross motor skills and appreciate the diversity of nature.

Special Enrichments Enhance Your Little One’s Education

Expand your child’s mind and add valuable skills and experience with enrichments like Spanish, Music, Art, & Yoga. Your little one is so excited about these enrichments they don’t even realize it’s part of their learning: 

Professional Cleaning Crews Eliminate Viruses & Germs

Your child practices frequent handwashing to stay clean and healthy while commercial cleaning crews disinfect the facility weekly. Teachers and staff wipe and sanitize high-use areas, toys, and furniture daily to promote a germ-free environment. 


Watch Your Child Blossom At Bloom