Watch Your Child Discover, Grow, & Flourish

In A Nurturing & Supportive Early Learning Environment

Watch Your Child Discover, Grow, & Flourish

In A Nurturing & Supportive Early Learning Environment

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Nashville, TN

A First-Class Curriculum For An Early Learning Edge

A unique curriculum focusing on math, science, second languages, movement development, practical life skills, music, and art keeps your child engaged in learning while providing meaningful, long-lasting experiences that prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.

Ready For School With Fun, Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning plans based on fun weekly themes ensure your little wonder becomes school-ready on all levels—socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Strong Security Measures Keep Your Little One Safe

Drop off your child with peace of mind knowing loving and experienced teachers surround them in a completely secure facility and playground. Not only are there firefighter medics right next door, your little one stays safe with:

Check In Anytime With A Communication App

See what your little learner is up to any time throughout the day with Kangarootime©—the parent app that simplifies communication by conveniently sharing daily updates through photos, videos, and notes about your child’s development and progress. 

Teachers With Credentials Guide Your Child’s Learning

Your child is in safe, loving hands with all their teachers. Every teacher has either a degree in Early Childhood Education, a Child Development Associate® certificate, or several years of experience to ensure nothing less than high-quality care and education. 

Playing Outdoors Encourages A Lifelong Love Of Learning

With so many physical and mental benefits of being outdoors, the nearly half-acre playground is a progressive, forward-thinking, natural playscape for your child to explore and learn through nature and build a lifelong love of learning. 

Spending Plenty Of Time Outdoors, Your Child:

Parent Engagement Activities For Fun & Academic Success

Join your child for loads of excitement as you all participate in family yoga, movie nights, and more. Have suggestions for fun-filled activities? Let us know! The more active you are in your child’s curriculum, the better prepared they are for school.

Teaching The Importance Of Unity Within The Community

Partnering with local music, art, and yoga instructors teaches your child the importance of community. Your little learner loves regularly participating in fire truck tours and library checkouts with a fire station next door and a library across the street. 

Free Enrichments Boost Self-Esteem & Confidence

Art, music, movement, and second language exposure are not only fun—they increase positive outcomes in all areas of your child’s development, including self-esteem and confidence. Your child participates in weekly in-house enrichment opportunities at no extra cost to you, like:

Home-Cooked Meals & Snacks Included In Tuition

Your child stays energized with healthy meals and snacks included in tuition. So, what’s cooking in the onsite commercial kitchen? Nutritious stir-fry, black bean and chicken quesadillas, and carrots and hummus are just a few things that fill your child’s plate.

Rigorous Cleaning Practices Safeguard Your Child’s Health

Your child thrives in a fully renovated facility with new floors, carpets, windows, doors, and paint. A professional cleaning service keeps all those new surfaces sanitized and safe from cold and flu germs to keep your little one healthy. 

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